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Your Skin Confidential is your premiere resource for natural, marine-based anti-aging and skincare products. Your Skin Confidential is an authorized retailer of Phytomer, PhytOceane and the Vie Collection skin care products.

  Phytomer Skin Care

PHYTOMER is one of the only skincare companies in the world that has mastered marine biotechnologies, which is the use of marine micro-organisms to produce new, totally unprecedented, natural active ingredients. This new high-tech biochemistry, derived from the medical and pharmaceutical industries, paves the way for increasingly effective and sensorial formulas with a reduced impact on the environment. PHYTOMER goes beyond the frontiers of traditional skin care and introduces new generation professional skin care. PHYTOMER Skin Care is more effective, more sensorial, and more eco-friendly than other traditional brands.

  The Vie Collection

The VIE Collection treatment protocols and retail skin care products replace or supplement esthetic medicine treatments. They echo the latest trends in the most commonly practiced dermatological rejuvenation and cosmetic procedures. Directly inspired by esthetic medicine, VIE Collection anti-aging solutions are marked by the influence of cosmeceuticals.


Established in 1995, Phytoceane is the marriage of tradition and escape. Creator Antoine Gedouin decided to make his dream a reality; to make a natural marine brand with marine ingredients that come from the most beautiful seas in the world. Phytoceane offers a complete line of products, all made up of 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free, and scientifically-tested. Phytoceane products contribute highly to the respect for the environment.